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GFI Genfare is the best choice for your bus farebox needs. We offer:-

The industry leader. We've set the standard in bus fare collection technology since 1980 and have a long list of satisfied customers to prove it. We built over 75% of the fareboxes currently in use in North America. We pioneered most of the innovations in farebox technology to reach market in the past 20 years, including the electronic registering farebox, automatic magnetic ticket processing, and now the electronic validating farebox.

Cutting edge products... Our new Odyssey validating farebox offers state-of-the-art features, including automatic validation of cash, optional "smart" card and credit card processing, and a driver control unit capable of operating the new technologies now being installed on buses, including annunciators, electronic signs, and more.

Based on proven technology. For maximum reliability, our newest products incorporate proven systems from previous generation equipment. The Odyssey farebox, for example, features the industry's best magnetic ticket processing unit (12,000 units in service since 1990) plus the GFI data and revenue collection system (cashboxes, vaults, and data probes), which has been the industry standard for twenty years.

There when you need us. GFI Genfare has the proven ability to support the equipment throughout its service life. We've been in the transit fare collection business since 1980. We currently support more than 40,000 fareboxes at 200 agencies throughout North America. Our staff of 160 includes 40 technical support service personnel. All commonly used parts are kept in stock at our plant near Chicago's O'Hare Airport and can be shipped quickly upon receipt of your order.

Big company resources with a small-company feel. We're a subsidiary of SPX Corporation, a $2.7 billion company listed on the NYSE. All operations, including sales, engineering, manufacturing, accounting, and tech support are conducted from our integrated plant in Elk Grove, Illinois. As a result, we can provide better quality control, quicker decision making, better availability of spare parts, and quicker response when problems arise.

Customer-driven solutions. GFI innovations are a direct response to customer demand. Virtually every system we install incorporates new capabilities, many of which become features of our standard product line. A significant part of our business consists of upgrading older systems with new functionality at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

Able to deliver on time. We are an extremely efficient manufacturer, with the capacity to assemble 500 fareboxes per month. We have never missed a farebox delivery deadline. Many of our systems are delivered well ahead of schedule.